Special Issue of GPESJ on Increasing Physical Activity Levels Through Inter-disciplinary learning


The 2014 special issue of the Ghana Physical Education and Sport Journal (GPESJ) presents articles on interdisciplinary learning. From an African perspective, interdisciplinary learning is a process of integrating two or more content areas and African traditional games or dances, intended to provide students the opportunity to effectively learn each content area and to increase their physical activity levels.

In the first article, Dr. Eugene Asola presents physical education concepts and skills, and how these can be integrated with academic concepts in other subject areas Dr. John Nandzo discusses sample literacy concepts and movement activities to enhance the learning of literacy in basic education classrooms and to increase movement opportunities for children in the second article. The third article by Dr. Michael Nabie and co-author Peter Akayuure provide descriptions of African traditional games that can be used to teach mathematics.

This special issue of Interdisciplinary Learning is intended to serve as a resource to physical education specialists and classroom teachers in Ghana. It will also be an invaluable resource to teacher trainees and preservice teachers in Ghanaian Colleges of Education and Universities. It is worth noting that for interdisciplinary learning to be beneficial, teachers need to utilize developmentally and instructionally appropriate practices.

The Special Issue of The Ghana Physical Education & Sport Journal (GPESJ Volume 3) is: