The golden age of Ghana sports dates back to the early 60s and early 70s. 1962 through 1970 to be more precise. Based on the Daily Graphic feature by Razak Al-Alawa, on Saturday, March 21, 2015, Ghana recorded many successes when sports coaching was considered an instructional function and was managed through the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture. The current management through the Ministry of Youth and Sports is highly dysfunctional and therefore a reversal is needed to recapture the golden years of sports in the country.

ALWAG Legacy believes as follows:

  1. Simply tear down the walls of the MoYS and reassign the civil servants to other sectors that will require their services the most
  2. Reconstitute the National Sports Authority into a Central Organization (COF) of Federations/Association and included as one of the instructional objects of the Ministry of Education
  3. The federations or associations shall be empowered to manage sports coaching and related functions in collaboration with PE and Sports teachers in the schools and GES as a whole
  4. With COF managed under the MoE the National Sports College can operate as a true instructional arm that will provide the needed training for personnel to bring back the golden year

The Ministry of Education (and sports) shall carry out the Government’s vision of using quality education in the 3-Rs, physical activity and sports to accelerate the nation’s socio economic development through the following action plan:

  1. Expanding access to education, physical activity and sports at all level of education
  2. Providing and improving infrastructural facilities and the built environment for increased academic standards, sports excellence and quality active health
  3. Raising the quality of teaching, coaching and learning for effective outcomes in academics, sports and health
  4. Making education and coaching more relevant to national goals and aspiration by focusing on vocational, technical and physical activity education
  5. Making tertiary education more cost effective mechanism for achieving the developmental goals of the country.

The overall goal of the ministry shall be to provide relevant and quality education and physical activity (and sports) coaching for all Ghanaians especially the disadvantaged to enable them acquire skills which will make them functionally and physical activity literate and productive to facilitate poverty alleviation and promote the rapid sports and socio-economic growth of the country.