3rd GPEStt International Conference & 1st EMG Congress

Dr. Afisah Zakariah

  1. The Dr. Kwasi Opoku-Fianko Historical Lecture: An Urgent Need for a Sound Policy to Promote Health for Sports Excellence by Professor Reginald Ocansey
  2. Exercise Medicine Ghana Inauguration Speech by Dr. Anthony Annan
  3. Future Direction in Regenerative Health and Nutrition by Mr. Kofi Adusei
  4. Hon. Major Courage E.K. Quashigah Memorial Lecture by Professor Lade Wosornu
  5. Declaration of June 1st as Physical Activity Day & the month of May as Exercise Medicine month by Dr. Afisah Zakariah
  6. Disability Sport: Attitudes, Irregularities and Moral Values by Mr. Clement Ampofo
  7.  Disability Sports: Trends and Challenges  by Mr. Adjetey Sowah
  8. De-stigmatizing Perceptions of the General Public about people who are deaf or blind utilizing Dance to educate and transform their thinking by Prof. Tarin Hampton
  9. Physical Activity Among PWDs in Ghana: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Inclusion by Dr. Yetsa A. Tuakli-Wosornu
  10. Impact of selected psychological well-being parameters on exercise behavior of adults by Dr (Mrs) Adeloye, E.O., Ajao Adewale Gbolabo., & Ms.Chidi Amaechi, S
  11. Catch them young: health education knowledge possess by present day digital native generation– By Dr. Nna Bueze
  12. Exercise, Teaching Physical Activity & Teacher Education: Knowledgebase and Practice  by Professor Seidu Sofo  & Professor Reginald Ocansey
  13. A curricular proposition for training in exercise and sports science in medicine- by Dr. Prince Pambo, Dr. Anthony Annan, Dr. Akye Essuman and Dr. Henry Lawson
  14. Exercise and Medicine: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice from Ghanaian Culture – by Professor Lade Wosornu
  15. Exercise Medicine and Spinal Health by Dr. Bryan Cox
  16. Walking and Cardiovascular Fitness: -How much walking is needed to improve cardiovascular fitness? An examination of global physical activity guidelines  by Dr. Richmond Aryeetey
  17. “Fitting” Into Exercise Is Medicine: Understanding the Role of the Fitness Trainer in Exercise Is Medicine  by Mr. Jim Simpson  & Ms. Laurie Dichiara
  18. Applications of EIM in Physiotherapy -Mrs. Philomena Annan
  19. Validation of the sensewear armband for measuring energy expenditure during continuous low intensity and intermittent high intensity exercise- Dr. Prince Pambo
  20. Using Pedometers to Assess Physical Activity in a Developing Country- Dr. Anthony Annan
  21. Development and Implementation of Dance Lesson Plans for each School Level: Simple steps that lead to comprehensive results- by Prof. Tarin Hampton
  22. Environmental Barriers and Physical Activity: Environmental barriers to outdoor physical activity – Dr. Richmond Aryeetey
  23. Exercise Prescription & Chronic Diseases: -Exploration of exercise and prescription in chronic medical illnesses -By Dr. Anthony Annan
  24. Exploration of the Biblical origins of Exercise Medicine- by Rev. Dr. Aron Ami-Narh & Dr. Kweku Asante
  25. The Futility of Exercise Alone: -The Dimensions of Wellness in All Its Fullness – by Professor Lade Wosornu
  26. Motivating Patients/Clients to Wellness– By Mr. James Simpson, Ms. Laurie Dichiara