The Council of ALWAG

ALWAG has a Council to ensure credibility of its education and research activities within The Active Lifestyle & Wellness Education & Research Center (ALWERC),  its family and with its affiliates.  For the efficient execution of its functions the Council may form various committees including curriculum, research, examination, editorial Committees etc.

The function of the Council include but not limited to:

  • Public relations of all ALWAG Family Members’ academic-related activities
  • Developing affiliations with accredited colleges or universities and sponsor-agencies for the promotion of health-enhancing programs and supervision of the implementation of such programs,
  • Mobilization and supervision of  finances to support academic program initiatives towards achievement of ALWAG goals and objectives,
  • Organization and control of courses of study and examination held in connection with those courses,
  • Establishing standards and training programs for specialists,
  • Recommend for appointment the teachers and trainers of the various courses.