Welcome to the Ghana Physical Education & Sport Thinktank (GPEStt) page in the Virtual Active Lifestyle & Wellness Association of Ghana (ALWAG) web.

GPEStt is affiliated with Exercise Medicine Ghana- all are members of the ALWAG family. GPEStt  advocates and fosters the principles of Exercise Is Medicine Global, advocates teaching physical activity in physical education in schools in a way that will and optimize students’  health and sports excellence- ultimately, national development and productivity.

The GPEStt-EMG affiliation is unique and progressive. It is similar to the ACSM-EIM Global affiliation. Both GPEStt-EMG and ACSM-EIM recognize the benefits of physical activity and places “Exercise” at the center of healthcare and sports excellence.

In collaboration with EMG, GPEStt conduct conferences, workshops, seminars, and training sessions for professional enrichment. Both GPEStt and EMG provide strong representation on legislative issues. Members are instrumental on advocacy issues such as equal opportunity, PWD sensitivity, gender equity, licensing certification, development of standards, and quality control.


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