About ALWAG Physical Activity Club (ALWAG PA Club)
Provides movement opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities to bank physical activity time, in moderate to vigorous intensities for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Improving the grades on Ghana’s Physical Activity Report Card
  • Developing adherence to health-enhancing Exercise Is Medicine (EIM) & Frequency-Intensity-Time-Type (FITT) principle
  • Managing diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and other non-communicable and cardiovascular diseases
  • Developing and nurturing fitness for sports excellence in children and youth
  • Fostering academic success among children and youth

To empower individuals of ages to move

ALWAG PA Club envisions tangible and measurable outcomes based upon adequate and appropriate accumulation of FITT

– Combat  non-communicable and cardiovascular diseases
– Promote sports excellence
– Enhance academic success

Immediate Outcomes
ALWAG PA Club fosters immediate achievement gains in a variety of behavioral indicators in reference to its goals. They include but not limited to:

  1. Lower blood pressure level
  2. Lower blood glucose sugar level
  3. Reduced BMI measure
  4. Accurate pulse (heart beat) reading
  5. Increased muscular strength
  6. Increased flexibility
  7. Improved balance
  8. Increased aerobic endurance
  9. Increased school attendance
  10. Improved class standing in school
  11. School and/or community sports participation

Long-term Outcomes
ALWAG PA Club fosters long-term achievement gains in its behavioral indicators and ensures:

  1. Management of weight lost
  2. Maintenance of healthy levels of blood sugar and high blood pressure
  3. Less time away from work due to sickness

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