ALWAG Legacy Fat & Oil Month

Polyunsaturated fat or vegetable oils is the source of transfat when heated and also the source of low density lipoprotein (LDL), the so called bad cholesterol.

The body is unable to use the polyunsaturated fat or oils except in combination with cholesterol and that will only be used in the absence of type1 fat, the saturated oils.

So the body produces increased cholesterol so long as we eat vegetable oil or polyunsaturated fat.

The combination is what is used to repair any damage to cell membranes which repair is not as good as using saturated fat or oils. The leaky membrane is the basis of most non communicable diseases

The transfat does the greatest damage to the cell membranes and the recycled oils imported into African countries are nothing but transfat..

Live Well- Healthy Life is Your Choice. Make each day above ground level, a physically active & healthy eating day.

2015 ALWAG Legacy™
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